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Doing the right thing in the right way isn’t easy. It takes challenging old ideas and working out of comfort zones. That’s where we come in. We help you get the information you need, uncomplicate your digital products, make seamless experiences, and achieve success through design.

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What we do

User experience design with business goals on mind

Providing a quality user experience is an essential, sustainable competitive advantage. Simply put, if your products provide a bad user experience your customers won’t come back. But for an experience to bring value to your business it must include business goals. Our strategic approach helps you connect the dots and make your products work both for your users and for your company.

Strategies to help you make better decisions faster

Strategies enable you to avoid wasting human resources, time and money. Whether you are developing a product or a brand you’ll need to make your niche that drives good business decisions. We can show you how.

Design through prototyping and testing

Designing user experience is a process, it takes iterations and testing to come to the right solution. We test, track, fix, iterate and help you improve your products and brands based on evidence.

Brand development for long-lasting business

Building a brand is far from just creating a visual identity. To build a sustainable brand that people will pay for you need to deliver value to your customers and to yourself. That usually involves questioning your business model and understanding your customers in a way that is useful for your growth.

Consulting-Workshops & training-Strategies-UX design-Research-Prototyping & testing-UI design-Brand development-Web and app design
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How we do it

To solve a problem we need to understand it. There is no other way. Research is our best friend. Once we understand it, we can design solutions to it. Research helps you find underlying causes and build strong base for solution. That means saving a lot of time, money, and resources down the road.

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“Lea and her team challenge our ideas and come up with better ways of doing things.”

Joachim Strey, Defigo January 18, 2020

Whether you are starting a new project, or you are stuck in a current one, whether you want to integrate design into your day-to-day practice, we are your team. We can be your consultants and part of your team. Or we can teach and train your team through our workshops.