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Defigo AS

“Lea and her team challenge our ideas and come up with better ways of doing things. They are smart, easy to work with, and above all, deliver awesome quality. We love having them on our team.”

Joachim Strey, Co-founder

Defigo is a multidevice digital intercom for controlled and seamless access. The system expends from custom made doorbell device, to mobile and web app, and custom tablet. Although complex in its structure it is very user-friendly and easy to use.


Synchronizing multiple user groups without making the usage complex and confusing


UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, Branding, Graphic Design

2019, ongoing

NowRenting is a digital rental assistant that streamlines various aspects of a rental business. During our involvement in the project, our focus was on developing the flow and user experience for owner-customer communication.


User flow wasn’t smooth


User flow Improvement, UX design, UI design, Prototyping - for mobile and web


We were a part of a team


Easy to use app that was successfully sold


Bows and Arrows

“Pax6 took our biggest problems and created solutions for our business website that made our jobs a thousand times easier. They took the time to understand our business and our industry. Lea asked a lot of questions we never considered before. ... The result is a website that paints a clear picture of what we do, what and how we charge, and how to contact us all in a very attractive package. The website actually works to make our jobs easier. To us, there is no greater benefit!”

Joyce Jones, Co-founder

Complicated selling process that makes it hard to communicate the value


Research, Workflow Improvement, UX design, UI design, Content Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Development


Interviewing stakeholders, understanding their selling process, research, collecting information from their clients, getting client’s language


The website that makes their selling process easier


Susie Ippolito Brands, LLC

“We have been working with the Pax6 team for almost four years. In that time, Pax6 has become an integral part of our business. Pax6 implements strategy with a focus on functionality and customer experience. ... This results in uniquely modern and user-friendly websites that fulfill the needs of the brand while exceeding the expectation of the user.”

Susie Ippolito, Founder

Ongoing collaboration on multiple projects


Research, UX design, UI design, Web design and Development, Brand development. changes as the business grows and develops.

2016, ongoing

MistWash is a car wash service on demand. We participated throughout multiple phases of app development following business refocus and growth.


User flow Improvement, UX design, UI design, Prototyping, Testing, Website design, Brand development


Research, Interviewing Stakeholders, Understanding the selling process and their workflow


Ocean Blue Innovation

“Lea and her team came highly recommended through colleagues. They helped us put together an engaging, professional website and frame up how to best communicate our content. The services here are a terrific blend of creative design and ... website coding that fit our exercise perfectly, and I could not be happier with the end result, their responsiveness and my overall experience with the team.”

Martin Molina, CEO

CNY Broker

“Lea and her team apply user experience strategy to our ideas and goals and take them to another level. The Pax6 team is a pleasure to work with. ... The applications they use during the design process allow Pax6 to collaborate with our creative team, which makes the process seamless and keeps us involved every step of the way.”

Christopher Snyder, Founder


“I needed to create brand and website for SEO and Link building business. Lea and her team provided exactly what I wanted – appearance, speed, functionality – and even more. They are patient and ... amazing to work with. We’ll definitely continue our collaboration.”

Mark Velickovic, Founder